CompuCal was developed by calibration people for calibration people.

CompuCal Calibration Management Solutions is an engineering-based calibration management software development company. Our in-house expertise spans over 30 years in the engineering industry.

We provide calibration management software, configured to integrate into other systems and thereby offering a complete solution for our clients.

We Serve Global Brands

Our customers are from a wide range of industries, such as Life SciencesFood and BeverageManufacturingOil and Gas.

CompuCal Calibration Management Software

We are Experts in Quality and Compliance

CompuCal calibration management software was developed to comply with the stringent regulations of the FDA. With the guidance and involvement of CompuCal’s customers in Ireland including Pfizer, GSK, Schering Plough and Roche, we have become THE experts in the requirements of regulated industry with regard to calibration management. 

Quality is a key goal of our company, for both customer service and product development. We have received the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation for “the development, installation and support of our software applications for regulated industries”.

CompuCal Calibration Management Software - CompuCal building

The History of CompuCal

  • 1964 Eddie Dornan, a former welder, established a mechanical engineering business in Belfast
  • 1980 This successful company was moved to Cork and transformed into an electrical and instrumentation servicing company with a large customer base of pharmaceutical and medical device companies
  • 1990 Dornan engineers were hired to undertake a major review of a customer's instruments after they had failed an FDA audit as a result of some missed crucial calibrations
  • 1993 CompuCal software was born out of a need to accurate and automated calibration management
  • 1995 Jackie Dornan acquired the position of Managing Director of CompuCal, after her father retired
  • 1998 Matthew Dornan joined CompuCal bringing technical expertise in engineering and validation
  • At Present CompuCal has been successful in developing strategic relationships that have enabled growth in key accounts through European and global partners.

CompuCal continues to be world class calibration management software, evolving with changes in both industry and technology developments.

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